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As above, so below....

 Archaeoastronomy in Iran - An ancient astronomical observatory in Iran.

Center for Archaeoastronomy - Professional organization based at Univ of Maryland.

Cloudbait Observatory - Listing of significant observatory sites worldwide.

Earth clock -  All astronomical events, past and present.

ISAAC - International Society for Archaeoastronomy web page.

Megalith map - A comprehensive atlas of megalithic sites in Britain in association with Aubrey Burl.

Science tracer: archaeoastronomy -  Index to current research.

Stone circle web ring  - A guide to locating stone cirlce sites, mostly in Europe.

Stone pages - Stone sites throughout Europe.

Stones of wonder - Stone sites in Scotland.

ARCHAEOASTRONOMY: The Journal of Astronomy in Culture - Home page for Archaeoastronomy : the journal


The scientific approach.... 

Andrew Fiske Center - UMass - Center for archaeological research.

AIA - Archaeological Institute of America home page.

Archaeology Channel - Archaeology media.

Archaeology fieldwork - Find a dig for the summer months!

ArchNet - Worldwide virtual library for archaeology.

Boston Univ - Archaeology Department at BU.

City of Boston - Archaeology program of the City of Boston.

ICEAACH - International Center for East Assian Archaeology.

John Miller Associates - Formerly Timelines, Inc.

MAS - Massachusetts Archaeology Society.

SAA - Society for American Arvchaeology.

SHA - Society for Historical Archaeology.

UMASS - UMass Archaeological Services At UMass Amherst.

Western Mass - Western Massachusetts Society of the AIA.


Ceremonial architecture in New England and other spots.

Cahokia - Mound site in Illinois

Crystalinks Megalithic sites

Heinz History Center - Meadowcroft Rock Shelter, Pennsylvania

National Park Service - Site for the Hopewell culture

New England field journal  - Dan Boudillion's online field journal

 Places of power - sites in the Canadian Arctic

Skyweb - Megaliths, caves, etc in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York

Stone sites - Foxboro State Forest (Massachusetts)

Turtle Island - History of the true peoples

Journal articles, news sites, blogs and more:

Ancient American magazine -- Dedicated to prehistory of the American continent.

Antiquity journal -- Quarterly world review

Archaeology daily news -- Current events in the archaeology world

Archaeology magazine -- e-updates

At the Edge -- Archaeology, folk lore and mythology

Internet archaeology -- ejournal for archaeology

Mammoth Trumpet -- Center for the Study of the First Americans publication

Rockpiles blog -- Peter Waksman keeps this blog site updated.

Science frontiers -  The unusual and the unexplained.

TRACCE -- Online rock art bulletin.

Archaeology from the historic period: 1500 -

CNEHA - Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology

Early American Review -  18th century America

Historical Archaeology - Web links for this topic

Native web -  Indigenous peoples in historic times

SHA - Society for Historical Archaeolgy


Links to Links

Stone  sites worldwide

Ancient wisdom - Sites throughout the United Kingdom

Megalithic portal - Clickable map of sites in Europe

Megalithic sites - Ireland - Map of sites  for Ireland

Megalithomania - Worldwide coverage Scotland - sites throughout Scotland

Modern antiquarian - based on Julian Cope's guidebook

Newgrange - Magnificant Irish site

Sacred sites - Worldwide guide to sacred places

Stone pages  - sites throughout Europe

Stonehenge - Official web site for The Stonehenge


ABC: Across before Columbus

Clan Gunn - Henry Sinclair and the Westford Knight

Guysborough County Heritage - Henry Sinclair 

History of Islam - Black African discovery of America

HistoryUK - Prince Madoc

Irish central - Brendan voyages

Kensington Runestone Museum - Vikings in Minnesota

Mlahanas - Greek geography and the discovery of America - Zeno narratives - Phoenician discovery of America

Race and history - Black civilizations of ancient America

Robertsewell - Madoc in Georgia

Runes - Viking runes in North America

Vinland voyages - History and probable routes

Was Columbus first? - Summaries of all the preceeding voyages

Indians of North America 

FNDI - First Nations Development Institute

Legends of America - Native American legends.

Native American history - web sites devoted to Native American history.

Native American resources - index of sites provided by ACRL.

Native American sites - Provided by the Center for Multilingual Research.

Native American studies - Collection at UC Berkeley.

Native arts - Links to a wide variety of Native American topics.

Native web - Resources for indigenous cultures around the world.

Virtual Library of American Indians - Index of web resources.

 Archaeological  and related organizations

AIA - Archaeological Institute of America

ASC - Archaeological Society of Connecticut

ASNJ - Archaeological Society of New Jersey

CAA - Canadian Archeological Association

Maine - Maine archeology Society

MAS - Massachusetts Archaeological Society

Narragansett Society - Rhode Island chapter of AIA

NHAS - New Hampshire Archeological Society

NYSAA - New York State Archaeological Association

SPA -  Society for Pennsylvania Archeology

VAS - Vermont Archaeology Society

How we do what we do:


Bing - Satellite maps and more

Earth sciences Information offices UMASS -- Wetland, topographical, aerial and more

Google Earth - 3D geographic representations

Google maps - Street maps

Historic topographic maps  - Maps from the 1890s on 

Library of Congress - Historic map collection

Mapquest - Street maps

Mapserver - Nautical as well as land maps

Terraserver - Satellite images and more

Topozone - Topographical maps

USGS -  Topographical maps

Yahoo maps - Street maps 

Professional surveyor - Journal with archives

Virtual Museum of Surveying - History of surveying and more


Petroglyphs, pictographs, geoglyphs, paintings and more...

Bellows Falls - Petroglyphs from Vermont

Chauvet Cave - Cave paintings in France

Crystalinks - Petroglyphs from worldwide locations

Dighton Rock - Petroglyphs from Massachusetts

ESRARA - Eastern States Rock Art Research Association

Lascaux Cave - The most famous cave paintings.

Megalithic portal - Rock art in Europe

Mystery Hill - Petroglyphs from America's Stonehenge

National Parks - rock art vocabulary.

Northwestern petroglyphs - Petroglyphs from the Pacific Northwest

Petroglyphs of Maine - Machias Bay Petroglyphs: An Ethnoarcheological Approach

Petroglyphs of Pennsylvania - 40 sites in Pennsylvania

Peterborough petroglyphs - Petroglyph site in Ontario

Rock art acoustics - Did sound play a roll in rock art creation?

Susquehanna Stones - Now at home in Westmoreland, NH among other places

UNESCO - Nasca lines Peru