New York

Stone Chambers

From Lisa Grashow:
Whangton Rd. Chamber ~ Putnam County
Winter Chamber ~ Putnam County

From William Pollard:

Mead's Corner Chamber ~ Putnam County
Mead's Corner Chamber, interior ~ Putnam County
Peekskill Hillside Chamber ~ Putnam County
Peeksill Hillside Chamber, Inside ~ Putnam County

Ninham Mt. Freestanding Chamber ~ Putnam County

Ninham Mt. Freestanding Chamber, Second view ~ Putnam County

Oscawanna Heights Chamber ~ Putnam County
Oscawanna Chamber, Inside ~ Putnam County
Oscawanna Chamber, Inside ~ Putnam County

Quartz Artifact found in Oscawanna Chamber
Location of where Artifact was found in 1980

From Scott Brown:
Putnam County Chamber I
Putnam County Chamber II

 From Edward Bochnak:
Kent Cliff Chamber

Perched Rocks & Dolmens

From Sue Carlson:
The Salem Dolmen ~ North Salem [P]
    Another View

From Edward Bochnak:
The Salem Dolmen
Rocking Rock 

From Betty Cypser:
Dolmen ~ Somers
Cobbling Rock

 From Polly Midgley:
Perched Rock ~ Dutchess
New Castle Dolmen ~ Westchester
Toppled Dolmen Westchester 


Petroglyphs & Inscribed Rocks

From William Pollard:
Carving ~ Dover
Carving ~ Dover

From Beth Flory:
Raised Letter Inscription ~ Yates County
Sketch of Inscription


From Edward Bochnak:
Frost Valley/Three Rivers Petroglyph

From Polly Midgley:
Frost Valley/Three Rivers Petroglyph I
Frost Valley/Three Rivers Petroglyph II

 Rock Stacks & Mounds

 From William Pollard:
Whangton Road Hillside Cairn ~ Putnam County
   Another View

 From Susan Miller:
Cairn ~ Otsego County
Shale Cairn ~ Otsego County

From Dave Schewe:
Quartz Cairn ~ Yates County
Cairn ~ Yates County
Cairn ~ Yates County 

 Standing Stones & Manitou Stones

From Clark Galloway:
Manitou Stone ~ Dutch Church Site
Stone Markings ~ Dutch Church Site

 From Polly Midgley:
>Devil's Tombstone ~ Greene County 


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