ANCIENT NOROMBEGA Voyages of Simon Ferdinando and John Walker to the Penobscot River 1579-1580,  Bernard De Costa NEARA Journal Vol. 43-2 Winter 2010

In the third volume of "The Narrative and Critical Victory of America" (pp. 171 and 186), the writer has stated a few facts with respect to Simon Ferdinando, who, so far as his knowledge extends, led the first English expedition to the region now covered by the State of Maine, but then known as a part of Norombega.



MAINE The Pine Tree State from Prehistory to the Present, Richard W. Judd, Edwin Churchill, Joel W. Eastman eds. University of Maine Press, Orono 1995
This comprehensive history surveys the rich history from Prehistoric times to the early 1990s though  a variety of fields including archaeology, anthropology, ethnic studies as well as  history of such subjects as eyes of politics, culture, economics, labor, military and maritime history.

TWELVE THOUSAND YEARS American Indians in Maine, Bruce J. Bourque, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln 2001
An excellent history of the earliest archaeological work in Maine with photos and a good bibliography.


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