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1992 NEARA Spring Meeting

America Before Columbus

a personal retrospective

by Suzanne Carlson

Perhaps the most important, if not the most rigorous effort in the nearly fifty years of NEARA's history was the ABC (America Before Columbus) four day Conference in June of 1992 held on the campus of Brown University. George Carter, Geographer, archaeologist, Renaissance man, defender of early man in America and of transoceanic diffusion was honorary chairman.

ABC full version 


As the sun wheel spins its way through the NEARA year on toward the Winter Solstice, it is time hunker down and plan research projects before spring is once more upon us. At the end of October, NEARA members beat hurricane Sandy with Friday field trips and rainy Sunday trips. None the less, the fall meeting at the Holiday Inn in Taunton, Massachusetts drew a good and enthusiastic crowd. The Friday program began with Sue Carlson revisiting the original ABC conference followed by more reminiscences of NEARA by Donna Martin and on Saturday by Ida Jane Gallagher on NEARA pioneers.

The high point was the banquet speaker, Steve Jett, editor of Pre-Columbiana and long time defender of transoceanic diffusion who brought us up to date onn changes in the last twenty years. Perhaps the greatest change has been in genetics, and molecular anthropologist Theodore Schurr presented a comprehensive overview of its effect on current research on ancestral native Americans. Other speakers included geologist-geophysicist Robert Schoch's preview of his latest research on the earliest civilizations, NEARA's Peter Anick and Steve Voluckas also gave presentations on transatlantic crossings. Anthropologist Curtis Hoffman joined the afternoon panel discussion that was informative and though provoking

Special thanks to Glenn Kreisberg and Peter Anick for pulling it all together. Thanks to Donna Thompson and Nancy Berke as always for doing a yeoman's job in book sales, Don Winkley and Bob Brown at the registration table, and Margaret Venator and Cindy Hook for tending to membership and raffle.

And once more, to all the attendees, old and new who always bring the enthusiasm and create the dynamic interplay that characterizes NEARA. Thank you all!

After the end of mud season and the arrival of April showers, NEARA members will be heading south to Danbury, Connecticut for the 2013 Spring Meeting. Save the dates: April 26-28 2013.


Detail of selected presentations from past meetings.

Past spring & fall conference programs with abstracts of the various presentations, bio's of some of the speakers and field trip information, in downloadable PDF's.