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A Midsummer Sunbeam Site in New England

  • Fred W. Martin, Elizabeth F. Martin
  • Oxford VII Conference on Archaeoastronomy, 2006
  • reprinted with permission on 22 April 2014


  • Frederick W. Martin, Elizabeth F. Martin, Polly Midgley, and Walter Wheeler
  • Archaeology of Eastern North America, 2013
  • Posted with permission 11 November 2013

Picture Glossary of New England Lithic Constructions

  • by Daniel V. Boudillion
  • Posted 1 October 2009.

Remembering the Tarratine Wars

  • by John V. Goff
  • NEARA Journal
  • Posted 16 July 2009.

Radiocarbon Dating of the Newport Tower

  • by Rob Carter
  • NEARA Journal
  • Posted 13 July 2009.

Deed Rock & God's Ten Acres

  • by Daniel V. Boudillion
  • Posted 23 June 2009

Accenting the Landscape: Interpreting the Oley Hills Site

  • by Norman Muller
  • The Archeology of Semiotics and the Social Order of Things, 2008
  • Posted 24 November 2008.

The Montville “Souterrain” Reconsidered

  • by Norman Muller
  • NEARA Journal Vol. 41 #2, Winter 2007
  • Posted 24 July 2008.

A Case for the Use of Above Surface Stone Constructs

  • by Edwin C. Ballard & James W. Mavor Jr.
  • NEARA Journal Vol. 40 #1, Summer 2006
  • Posted 29 August 2007.

Selected Articles

More articles from the NEARA archive.

Nova Dania: Quest for the NW Passage

  • by Suzanne Carlson
  • NEARA Journal Vol. 39 #2

Mystery Hill Solstice Site

  • Photos by Edward Bochnak

Modern Stone Circle to Open as VT Park

  • by Lisa Gannon

Epigraphic Society Occasional Papers: Vol. 24

  •  The Epigraphic Society

Rattlesnake Hill, Where Are You?

  • by Daniel V. Boudillion
  • from the NEARA Journal

Who Cleft the Devil's Foot

  • by Charles F. Herberger

  NEARA Journal Vol. 35 #2

Two Chambers in Concord

  • Photos by Peter Waksman

The Ordering of Towns

  • by H. Morse Payne
  • NEARA 2000 Fall Meeting


  •   by Peter Waksman

Stone Chambers of Putnam County NY

  •   Photos by Edward Bochnak

Carterfacts: George Carter on Diffusion

  • Collected writings by George F. Carter
  • NEARA Journal Vol. 38 #1 Summer 2004

Druid Hill: Three Views of Standing Stones

  •   Pictures by Edward Bochnak

Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Contacts

  • by Stephen C. Jett
  • NEARA Journal Vol. 36 #2 Winter 2002

Pluias Na Scrib: Den of the Scribings

  • by Larry Mulligan

"Spirit Doors" or Split-Wedged Rocks

  • by Peter Waksman - courtesy of Concord Magazine

ice Sunset, Tripod Rock

  • by Edward Bochnak

New Book: Contact with Ancient America

  •   by Ida Jane Gallagher & Warren Dexter

Carnac: A Megalithic Seismograph?

  • by Roslyn Strong

In the Wake of Zheng He: Regarding 1421

  • by The NEARA Publications Committee

For Want of a Nail: An Analysis of the Function of Some Horseshoe or "U"-Shaped Stone Structures

  • by Edwin C. Ballard

Unique Domed Chamber in Connecticut

  • by Earl Hill

Mississippian Solstice Observatory

  • by Jim Jung

Vermont Platform Cairns

  • by Norman E. Muller

Shaker Spring: Fountain of Youth Found

  • by Daniel V. Boudillion

Lithic Photo Tour of New England

  • by Edward Bochnak

Pots Point The Way?

  • by Daniel V. Boudillion

Father John & The Rock Pile

  • by Daniel V. Boudillion

Human Lymphocyte Antigens

  • by James L. Guthrie  

The Architecture of the Newport Tower

  • by Susanne Carlson

Hammonasset Line, Part Two

  • by Tom Paul

Hammonasset Line, Part One

  • by Tom Paul

WV Petroglyphs & Human Burial

  • by Larry Mulligan

A Second Shaker Spring

  • by Daniel V. Boudillion

Some Balanced Rocks in Massachusetts

  • by Jim Moore

Lye Leaching Stones, Photo Essay

  • by Carol A. Hanny

NEARA Fall Conference A Success!

  •  by Sue Carlson

The Six Altars Of Nashoba Field Report

  • by Daniel V. Boudillion

Half Moon Meadow Brook Field Report

  • by Daniel V. Boudillion

The Boxboro Esker Field Report

  •  by Daniel V. Boudillion

  Burnt Hill: A Stone Circle in Western Massachusetts

  • by Daniel V. Boudillion

A Circular Stone Seat - A Neo-Pagan Site

  • by Peter Waksman

Geologist Thinks Kensington Runestone Not A Hoax

  • by Peg Meier / Star Tribune

Newport Tower -  Update on the Plowden Petition

  •  by Doug Weller

Native American Stonework of Missouri

  • by Nancy Bryant

The Sprit Pond Runestones and the Mysterious "Facts" Of Their Fabrication

  • by Suzanne Carlson

The Feminine Form in a Rock Pile

  • by Peter Waksman

The Salem Dolmen

  • a photo by Tom Paul

The Indian Cave

  • by Tim MacSweeney

Stone Rows and Boulders: A Comparative Study

  • by Norman E. Muller

An Informal Site Report: A small open enclosure in Lincoln, Massachusetts

  • by Peter Waksman

A Stone Calendar

  • by Tim MacSweeny

An Array of Rock Stacks in Acton Massachusetts

  • by Peter Waksman

In Memoriam James P. Whittall, Jr.

  • by Roslyn Strong

Triangular 'Drill' Holes in Putnam County NY

  • by William Pollard

The Salmon Connection

  • a note from the Editor

The Man Known as "The Fresh Water Fishing Place"

  •  by Tim MacSweeney

Cultural Diffusion

  • by David B. Kelley

Early Stone Cairns and Rows in Eastern Pennsylvania

  • by Norman Muller 

Bear’s Head Stone

  • by Tim MacSweeny 

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